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I’m a man that has worked hard all of my life, I have built my life with sweat and endurance. Over the years, I've
had many challenges to overcome and have met those challenges head on and I won. As a result of those experiences, I created tools that gave me the ability to develop a “Never give up, Never surrender” attitude. Some of the challenges I have overcome in the last three years are: Mismanagement by a business partner causing my business to fail, the death of my oldest daughter, a cerebral hemorrhage and most recently my house being robbed. Each of these events could have created a mass overload of negativity if I allowed it to take over my thoughts but, instead, I found the strength to over come them all. Soon I will be sharing the tools I used, all across the world. Looking forward to seeing you in your town soon!
10 Million Smiles World Tour
It's not about the miles, it's all about the smiles!
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From FL to NY is a powerfully written and motivating book that outlines several important factors needed for life:
1) How the skill of “Being Calm" is critical in tough situations.
2) The power of "Asking" and its ability to open closed doors.
3) Taking challenges and turning them into strengths.
4)How questions and actions lead to amazing results.
5) Benefits of a "Never give up, Never surrender" attitude.
10 Million Smiles From FL to NY is a wealth of information and a guide for overcoming the challenges of everyday life.
Wall Of Smiles
The wall of smiles is a place for you to see smiles from every day people and a place that you can share smiles with others.
Just for a Smile
Anything goes here! You never now what you will find on these pages! A smile, laughter, quotes, video's your pic's if you send one! Get creative and send them over!!
Laughter is the best cure!
I float like a butterfly sting like a bee, look out cancer cuz I won't let you be!
It's the white spot, top right on my lung about the size of a Golf Ball.
The Gruge Match 2
    Eddy vs Cancer
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